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Thursday, July 2, 2020

THE 3Ls OF EMPOWERMENT (Paragraph 1&2)

The 3Ls of Empowerment is a thought provoking speech delivered by Christine Lagarde. She speaks of the need of empowering women in the 21st century. In the begining of her speech, she explains the three key factors which contribute women empowerment as Learning, Labour and Leadership. Read the first part of the speech. 👇

Good afternoon,
It is great to be among friends and kindred spirits.
The 21st century poses many challenges that require new ways
of thinking, none more important than the economic role of
women in a rapidly changing world. But women today remain
blocked from contributing their true potential. This has a huge
cost. In some countries, per capita income lag significantly
because women are denied equal opportunity. They represent
half the world's population, but contribute far less than 50 per
cent of economic activity. What is needed to change this picture is
a concerted effort to open the door to opportunity with what I call
the "3 Ls" of women's empowerment: learning, labour and leadership.

Watch the video explanation of the first part of the speech 👇