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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Matchbox - Textual Explanation (Part I, II & III)

Matchbox tells the story of a married couple. The man has the habit of opening the wife's mail and reading it. He tells her it is right to screen her mail to see if she has a lover. She is more or less confined to the house by way of custom. Ashapurna Debi starts her story by comparing women to matchboxes.
Let's go through the first part of the story. Are you ready...

Textual Explanation (Part I)
Textbook Page No: 17 & 18
("I always compare women to matchboxes. Why? ........
........ It's nothing much, a letter from Nomita's mother.")

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Textual Explanation (Part II)
Textbook Page No: 18, 19 & 20
("It's her standard speech - the good woman has  ........
........ A dung-picker's daughter becomes a queen, and so--")

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Textual Explanation (Part III)
Textbook Page No: 20 & 21
("Shut up!" Nomita yells. Their room's on the third floor ........
........ Quite without fear, they put them in their pockets.")

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