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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Hour of Truth | One-act Play | Percival Wilde | Dramatisation

The Play, 'The Hour of Truth', is written by Percival Wilde. The play is taken from 'A Question of Morality and Other Plays'. The Characters are Robert Baldwin, Martha, John, Evie, Mr.Marshall and a maid. The play is an intense psychological study of the corrupting influence of money on people. The plot of the play explores greed from diverse angles. Although all individuals are tempted by money at one point or other in life, this one act play particularly shows how easily people forget their moral values and principles when they are tempted by money. But at the end of the play the reader realizes that money only brings with it isolation, punishment, deception, frustration and endless shame.

SRG English, GMHSS Perinthalmanna has enacted the play for the benefit of the students. The scene is set at Baldwin's cottage and it is Sunday afternoon. Robert Baldwin has gone outside. His wife and children are anxiously waiting for his arrival...

Watch the stage performance and see what happens there at Baldwin's house.👇